Monday, October 24, 2011

Slogans on Environment

Bumper Sticker
 There are a ton of slogans on environment out there which push the green point of view. Many of them are from bumper stickers. Here are 20 of my favorites in no particular order, although I did pick my absolute favorite. Also please comment with some that you like. If you include a picture of the bumper sticker I'll make it a post here on Saving Green.

  1. Ignore the Environment --- It'll Go Away
  2. Nature Always Bats Last
  3. Compost! A rind is a horrible thing to waste.
  4. Suburbia: Where they pull out the trees and then name streets after them
  5. Extinction is Forever!
  6. Idling - Zero Miles to the Gallon
  7. Stop Throwing Stuff Away - There is No "Away"
  8. Don't Just Hug A Tree - Plant One!
  9. Want Less
  10. Keep the Earth Clean - Not Uranus
  11. Be the Change You Wish to See in the World
  12. Good Planets are Hard to Find
  13. Biodesiel - No War Required
  14. Blow Me! (Written over a picture of a wind turbine) - I think this might be my favorite!
  15. My Carbon Footprint Kicks Your Carbon Offset's Ass!
  16. Biodesiel - Praise the Lard
  17. Think Globally - Act Locally
  18. Compost Happens
  19. No Drill - No Spill
  20. One Man's Trash is Another Man's Compost!
Hope you enjoyed these environmental slogans. Don't forget to comment with some of your favorites, and include a picture of the bumper sticker to get a post. You can email me at with the picture if it's easier. Can't wait to see what everyone submits!

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