Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got Over the Look of New Bulbs!

I saw a good article on EcoGeek today about a new LED bulb. It is a very cool looking new LED technology light bulb. It's much more energy efficient and it's stats look really solid. One of the other selling points is that it looks very much like a incandescent bulb even though it's an energy saving bulb.

And it does! Look at that.

But it got me to thinking. Really who cares that it looks like an incandescent bulb? I mean the fact that it looks similar to what Thomas Edison dreamed up about a 100 years ago isn't all that important to me. Really I just want to be able to see when I walk around my basement and not hit my head on a beam or stub my toe!

In fairness I do understand why manufactures covet the old look. They are trying to get the masses to adopt the new technology. The more the new technology looks familiar the more likely they are to pull the trigger. And I am all for anything that gets people to be more energy efficient. I just wish you didn't have to sell it so hard to people just because it's something new and different.

I mean if you find something that works better then the old version and will save you money are you not going to buy it just because it looks different? Are you more concerned about what it looks like or how it works? Especially when its something like a light bulb? I mean I guess I could see the argument if it was something like a car or clothes where the look can be very important. But a light bulb is suppose to give off light. It just just look like a thing that gives off light!

So go read Who Moved My Cheese and get over the effects of change and get with the program. We need to use less energy and if there are bulbs that save money, use less energy and give off the same light, there is no reason not to get them today!

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