Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Guilt Free MP3, and video, and data, and photo album, and...

Now here is a product that is exactly what I've been looking for! Who doesn't want all the latest gadgets? MP3, video, photo album, FM Radio, Data storage, Voice Recorder, and a built in loud speaker! All that sounds great on it's own right? Well here is the kicker...you don't need to plug it in to charge it!

In thinking about getting the latest gadget I had also been thinking about getting on of these carry bags that has a solar panel built in to charge all this fun. But now I can cut out the middle man. All you need to do is turn the built in crank on the back of this baby and you are good to go!

Just one minute of winding will give you 40 minutes of use. When fully charged it'll give you 20 hours of constant music or 10 hours of constant video!

Ok so what if you've broken your hand while installing some solar panels on your roof, or installing your compost tumbler, or some other eco-friendly project around the house? No worries it will also plug into a USB port and charge up for you! Just don't use this option too much or the green Gods will have their way with you!

Oh and also in case I forgot to mention it also has a flash light and will charge your cell phone. Maxwell Smart, you just leave you shoes on, we've got this one!

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