Friday, March 7, 2008

What to do with those spend CFL's?

Here is a great article I found about what to do with those spent CFL's.

Consupo - recycling CFL's

Basically it is different depending on where you live of course but this article is well written, details the problem, and gives you some good resources to solve the problem!

Also, did you know that traditional incandescent bulbs needs to be disposed of carefully as well because they contain lead that should not be finding it's way to the landfill as well?

One of the resources listed in the article was There is a great little search on the top of the home page where you can search for recycling centers based on your location and using the drop down, the items you are looking to dispose of.

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dwd1 said...

i think that this is an excellent idea but my only thing is that i wish there was some sort of program to make it even simpler to dispose of these bulbs properly. for instance - in reality - a year from now when i have a bulb die i am not going to remember to go online and find a local facility to take it to. but if my local trash pickup had some sort of program for this or if there were some kind of bins in the community - like at the local stores or something where you could just go and put your bulbs in the drop-box, that woudl be way more convenient.