Monday, March 3, 2008

Power Items in your house with your bike!!!

Now this is cool! There are a few green items offered by this site, but by far the coolest is an attachment for you bike that will create 75 -200 watts of power while you get your exercise. I've heard of this before (they did something similar at the superbowl this year) but this is the first I've seen something you can order.

I specifically would like to try it because I have two small kids that soon will be old enough to play video games. What a great thing to say yeah you can play your video game but you have to ride your bike long enough to power it!

You can buy the product fully assembled or you can buy plans to build it (think about your kids understanding how to build the machine that ensures they get exercise and have fun!!!!). It looks like you can also purchase a battery to store the energy to be used later, or just plug in whatever you want to use while you are riding.

If you have an existing 12V power system (solar panels or wind, etc) you can tie it right into this and be creating additional power when you do your exercise!

Very interesting. I think I'm going to purchase. If I do I'm going to get the build your own plans and will take pictures for a future blog post! Please let me know if anyone out there has tried this yet!

Here is the link:

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