Saturday, September 8, 2007

Affordable Wind Power - DIY

This is what we've all been looking for, for quite some time. I'd like to put solar on my roof, and a turbine on my land, but I've yet to find something that is cost effective. Take a look at what I've come across here.

It's a wind turbine that is tall and skinny, that looks simple enough to install on my land myself, doesn't take up to much area because there are no blades, and costs less then $4,000!

It looks perfect. It produces 1KWH in an average 12 mph wind. It'll kick on at 8mph, and is rated for wind up to 100 mph. The maintenance takes about 30 mins a year, and you have to change the inverter every 10 years. Seems pretty "fool proof!"

So far everything I have seen simply is not cost effective. Or even if it was the project would be much to large a scale for the two acres I own, and then free time in my life.

If anyone out there has installed one of these before please comment on this post. I am seriously considering placing and order!

Normally it is my understanding that if you have solar or wind there is some electrical equipment that you need to install so that the power created will power your house when needed and additional power created will go back into the grid. The website mentioned something about a "plug n' produce" option which sounds like you can just plug it into your household outlet and power the house that way. Sounds interesting and much cheaper then installing all the other equipment. It does say you can also hardwire it as well.

Now 1KWH isn't going to supply all the power you will need, but it certainly will cut into your power bill. And it looks pretty scalable. In other words I am thinking about getting one to try it, and if it seems to work well then add a second one, and so on.

Finally a affordable personal renewable energy source that I an install myself for a nice weekend project!

Link: Affordable Wind Turbine

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