Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stop spending money on bottled water, before it literally kills you!

Here's an interesting thought that I came across today. The bottles that your bottled water comes in actually contaminates the water you drink from them. There are all types of water bottles out there, none of which are truly safe to drink your water from (at least none that bottled water is sold in).

There are actually large municipalities and swanky restaurants that are banning the bottles!

Studies have shown that the water in the bottles is typically no better then what is coming out of your tap. Almost half of the time the water in the bottles started out as tap water anyway.

The major environmental problem with the bottles is the manufacturing process and the disposal process is using up oil, and clogging out landfills.

Additionally, bottled water costs thousands of times more then the water that is flowing out of your tap! Now is is really a solution that will save you some green!

All of these factors add up to one thing: Buy one good truly reusable water bottle and fill it with water from you tap. It'll be better for you and thousands of times cheaper!

The following is a link for a water bottle that good for you, and will actually keep track of you hydration level! Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle (SL705)

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