Monday, September 17, 2007

Quick Tips for the Day for Saving Water & Gas

Here are two quick tips that will help you save the earth and your wallet!

1. When you stop for lunch and are thinking about the drive-thru, think again. Instead of sitting in your car waiting to order while it's running, why don't you just park and run inside to order? You'll get a little exercise in the process, and you can save some gas as well (not to mention the carbon you will release while the car was running!).

2. Do you have a kitchen (or any room) faucet that takes forever to get warm water? There are some great solutions out there to get you hot water faster, but even easier why not save the water that you are running while waiting for it to warm up? Set a bowl or pat in the sink while you run the water. Once the water warms up take the bowl away and use it for your original goal. Then use the bowl of water to water your plants, rinse off dishes etc. Also think about keeping the bowl there if you are just washing your hands or something like that. The little bit of soap or debris that was on your hands won't bother your flowers at all. Then you won't have to run more water to take care of the plants!

The Laing Autocirc pumps are a great way to get hot water quickly to your taps without wasting water. They claim that for a average family of four, installing one of their pumps will save about 17,000 gallons a year! I put one in my house and love it. Instant hot water when ever you need it! When I have more time I'm going to do a blog post here with some pictures of the process of installing the pump and more of a review, so check back.

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Anonymous said...

The low flow can make the laing not work during cold seasons. I'd consider the Redytemp that's what we use and love the temperature control it has.