Monday, September 3, 2007

Solar Oven - Saving the planet one muffin at a time!

Ok, have you heard of these? Remember when you were a kid and you were chasing ants around with a magnifying glass during you summer vacation? Well the concept is the same only now you are cooking dinner.

I've seen plans for them online and in magazines, but have not yet had the time to build one. The most basic plans I've seen called for a plywood box that was lines with sheet metal. The most sophisticated one that I've seen I read about in Business2.0, where a company was selling professionally made units that came on their own trailer. They were selling them to third world countries so that people could use them to cook instead of building a fire, thus reducing pollution.

The following are some links of sites that either sell solar cookers or offer plans to build your own:

Solar Cookers International
How to Build a Solar Cooker
The Solar Oven Society
How to Make a Pizza Box Oven

Of course any solar oven is going to save you either electricity, propane, or whatever you use to run your current oven. Even if you don't use it every day, every little bit will help. Just think of all the CO2 you'll keep out of the atmosphere, while you enjoy your favorite recipe with your family!

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