Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wind Turbines in Bahrain World Trade Center

Here's and idea that I thought was a great one. This is an article about how the world trade center in Bahrain used some unused space to create some green energy.

They installed three wind turbines on an existing sky scraper. The article doesn't give much as far as info about the spec but it seems like a great idea. I'd be interested to see if they could supply all the power for that building.

As you'll see there are quite a few comments from readers all who seem to think they are smarter then the next. They can't really have any specific knowledge of the project so it's amazing that they know so much, but they do touch on all of the elements that I'm sure when into the decision of whether to install the turbines. Someone has to be the devil's advocate right?

Link: Bahrain World Trade Center Getting Its Turbines

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